College Center Announcements for November


Good Afternoon Bell High School Faculty & Staff,

The following are current happenings for November 2015 at the College Center:

  1. The College Center is continuing to registerseniors for the December SAT and ACT Exams. This is their final opportunity to test and have scores considered for the fall 2016 admission cycle. Students can register anytime during the school day with a pass to the College Center.  Juniors will take the ACT and SAT for the first time in May and June of 2016.  
  3. A total of twenty eight universities from across the nation presented in the College Center during the months of September and October. UCLA and Harvey Mudd are the remaining universities that will present in November. Thank you for allowing your students to attend and learn about the campuses to which they are applying. I have attached the November Calendar so that you can share this information with your students. Passes to attend university presentations are available in the College Center, all grade levels are encouraged to attend.
  5. College Prep Mondays-The College Center will continue to be open every Monday in November from 2:40-5:00 to assist students with everything related to college admissions. Encourage them to take advantage of this opportunity without having to miss class time. Snacks will be provided!
  7. Monthly career presentations are taking place to give students the opportunity to explore different career fields. Last month, TELACU held a well-attended nursing presentation and this month a green engineering workshop will be held. Duke Graham, a member of the US Green Building Council will present. The date for this event is still being finalized. Please contact me if you would like to bring your classroom to this or any other presentation.
  9. As students begin submitting their scholarship, Educational Opportunity Program (EOP), and their private college applications, they will be requesting letters of recommendation. I have attached a tip sheet for teachers as a reminder of what information colleges are looking for in these letters.   

Thank you for all that you do to continue improving the college going culture at Bell High School.  

College Center Reminders:

-California State University (CSU) application due date – November 30th.

-University of California application due date – November 30th.

-Private Universities have different application deadlines. Students must check with each campus individually.


Frank Marquez

Bell High School

College and Career Counselor

(323) 832-4779