College Center News for April 2016


The following are current and upcoming events for April 2016 at the College Center:

  1. East Los Angeles Community College Courses @ Bell HS Spring 2016

    Communication Studies 101: Public Speaking

    Time: Thursdays 2:40-5:50 Rm. 133

    Chicano Studies 2: The Mexican American in Contemporary Society

    Time: Wednesdays 3:00-6:10 Rm. 133

  2. Career Center

    12th Grade Career Portfolio: All seniors should prepare a resume and cover letter.

    Work Permits: Applications are available online in the BHS Website under Career Center. Applications are processed daily for students who are current with grades and credits.

  3. College and Career Center Staff

    Frank Marquez College/Career Counselor Ext. 4779

    Reyna Valenzuela/College Adviser

    Ext. 4838

  4. Program Representatives

    UCLA–EAOP program

    Noe Lopez

    Monday 8:00-3:00


    Monday & Friday 8:00-3:00


    Tuesday & Friday8:00-3:00

    Educational Talent Search (ETS)

    Angelica: Mon, Wed, & Friday


    Roberto: Tues, Wed & Thursday


    TELACU Upward Bound

    Ellie: Wednesdays 2:30-4:30

    TELACU Talent Search

    Mayra: Monday & Wednesday 8:00-4:30

    Friday 8:00-12:00

    CSULA Representative

    Samantha: Mondays 9:00-3:00

    East Los Angeles College Ambassador

    Bryan: Wednesdays 8:30-10:30

Frank Marquez

Bell High School

College and Career Counselor

(323) 832-4779

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